Durability is not one of the best qualities of composition shingles because they can blow off in storms. They aren’t prone to scratches and surface damage, though the odds increase when the shingles are hot because of their physical makeup. You can walk on a composition shingle roof freely without worrying about causing damage. Composition shingles can also withstand fires without causing them to spread.


Composition shingles look natural no matter the incline of your roof. They can be created to take on different designs and colors that will match your home. The shingles feel rough to the touch and have a tendency to get very hot during daylight hours. Composition shingles are also very lightweight, and they lie flat against the roof instead of protruding.


Composition shingles are very affordable in terms of their initial price. One downside is that you may need to replace them every couple of decades. Since individual shingles may come off from time to time, you also need to count on having to replace some shingles every now and then. Another positive is that if you do need to replace your composition roof, you can put a new composition roof right on top of it without worrying about paying to get the old one removed.


Composition shingle roofs are among the easiest to install, so if you are good at home projects you may be able to put them on by yourself. Even if you need to get professional help, composition shingle roofing is one of the quickest materials to install. This also helps save on installation costs, since the job won’t take as long. Composition shingles are also convenient because you can walk on them without worrying about damaging your roof.