TPO Roofing

UltraPly TPO XR 100 (45mil) and UltraPiyTPO XR liS (60 mil) Internally and externally reinforced Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing Membrane with 55 mils of non-woven polyester fabric.


• Can be adhered to a variety of substrates

• Available in 45 mil (UitraPiy TPO XR 1 00) and 60 mil (Ultra Ply TPO XR 115)

• Available in white, tan and gray

• Excellent weatherability and strong resistance to UV, and common rooftop chemicals

• UL Class A and FM approvals

• Resistant to microbial growth

• Chlorine free with non-halogenated flame-retardants


• UltraPiy™TPO XR is ideally suited for fully adhered applications over new and existing substrates

• Lightweight membrane is ideal for reroof, retrofit and new construction applications eliminating the need for a cover board in many cases

• Superior cut and puncture resistance is enhanced with external polyester fabric

• Minimal disruption in reroofing applications